You must have this furniture from old aircraft parts!

The British upcycling label PLANE industries makes furniture from used, authentic aircraft parts, both military and civil aircraft. Authentic, unique and innovative: the pieces of furniture have already sneaked into the hearts of designers.

The label was founded by two brothers who share a common love: breaking and assembling different materials. This creates a new life and a new destiny for old materials. The aircraft parts fascinate the brothers and so they do everything to appreciate them through their designs.


And with success. Their furniture has already sneaked into the design lovers hearts. No wonder, because imagination, old-fashioned workmanship and modern manufacturing are their tools to create the daring, quirky and unique. Their motto: building for eternity. Because the pieces are made of such a robust material that they can be easily passed on to future generations.


We say thumbs up! It’s a great idea to turn old aircraft parts into extravagant pieces of furniture to work. These metals and fabrics have history and provenance associated with the heritage and beauty of flying. So far, the assortment ranges from stylish table designs to light installations to creative wall art. But that’s not all that you can buy from the exclusive label, because even the old seat covers get a second chance: they are now transformed in travel-suitable luggage. The high-quality products are made-to-order. This means the production only starts after a request has been received on the website.

Source image: youtube/ Forbes