Up in the air: the world’s most luxurious private jets

Some people dream of flying like the celebrities and super rich people of this world in their own private jet. But usually the budget only suffice for the economy class. It’s hard to imagine that some people even own their own aircraft. We have some of the fanciest and most expensive private planes in the world for you!


The Airbus A320 is nothing new for many travellers. But the business jet ACJ320neo from Airbus has it all! According to Airbus, the chic aircraft has the widest and highest cabin of the classic business jets. Instead of 180 seats, there is only about 25 seats left for the luxury plane, a lot of space for a luxury facility. The 25 guests can enjoy chic sleeping cabins, showers and salons.

Gulfstream 650

You gotta put down at least $70 million for this private jet. It is the largest and fastest business aircraft of the US aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. Up to 19 passengers can travel with this luxury jet at top speeds of up to 925 kilometres per hour (just below sound velocity!). Foldable leather armchairs, gourmet kitchen, luxury bathroom, lambskin pilot seats and even more luxury await the guests on board!









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Boeing 747-8 VIP

Have the longest passenger plane in the world to yourself? Too little legroom cannot be complained about in any case. The plane is reminiscent of a flying home (only much more luxurious): bedroom, bathroom, dining room, study room, saloon and cabin extend over 444 square meters. But for more than 300 million dollars (depending on the interior) the private plane is not a cheap means of transportation!

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VIP A380

If the Boeing 747-8 is not enough for you, you can fly in a private A380. The whole luxury of this giant cannot be described well enough. For half a million you can get this flying palace with wellness oasis, parking lot for your luxury car, several bedrooms, bathrooms, study, kitchen, fitness center or whatever else you want.








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Source title image: unsplash / Yuri G