The best travel destinations in spring

Who isn’t familiar with this situation? The weather is getting warmer and suddenly one is infected with wanderlust. Spring is one of the best times to stroll through otherwise crowded cities and enjoy the first sun beams there. We listed five travel destinations which are definitely worth to visit in spring.

Sofia, Bulgaria

The capital of Bulgaria has a lot to offer in spring. Between the countless sights and the sweet cafes and restaurants you can easily get lost and just enjoy this beautiful city.

source: unsplash/ Georgi Kalaydzhiev

Valencia, Spain

American spring break is nothing compared to Valencias spring festival. Las Fallas goes one for a whole month and is already a good reason to travel to the Spanish tabour city in spring. Also, Valencia impresses with its stunning architecture and the mild temperatures.

source: unsplash/ Paul Trienekens

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s Tuning architecture alone is worth a visit. The houses on the seven hills on which Lisbon is built shine in warm colours and create an amazing atmosphere. Also, Lisbon offers the famous tram 28 and many small cafes and viewpoints.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The antique city of Dubrovnik is directly at the sea and offers thus the perfect mix of relaxation and culture. Even though the water temperature is still too low in spring to go for a swim, the city still has enough up its sleeve to spend a long weekend here.

Milan, Italy

The Italian fashion city Milan attracts with more than just its fashion reputation. You can reach Milan quite cheaply by plane and even via train, if you have the time and the motivation. The train starts in Frankfurt and travels through Switzerland to Milan, which gives you a nice Europe experience with the final destination Milan.

source: unsplash/ Caleb Stokes

We think all cities are a great destination to travel to in spring – which one is your favourite? But no matter how you decide, in the end all that matters is the beautiful time you had during your spring trip.

This article is based on an article by Travel&Leisure.

source tile image: unsplash / Anete Lūsiņa