The most exclusive nightclubs in the world

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to party like a star? The champagne flows, bodies move and you dance next to Kim Kardashian. In this world of the rich and famous, we have checked out the most exclusive nightclubs all over the world!

LIV, Miami

The cheapest table at LIV is about 2000 Dollars, the champagne literally unaffordable for ordinary people. Who wants to party at LIV, has to dig deep in one’s pocket. Yet, you’re once in, you have the opportunity to meet Jay-Z and co. on the dance floor.

Quelle: YouTube/ A3DJ

XS, Las Vegas

In America’s capital of party, Las Vegas, it is normal to expect luxury. The XS Club offers his guest a giant inside and outside area, additional to a massive pool. You pay the price for this luxury with your drinks: the cheapest drink is 500 Dollars.


Don’t even try to get into 1 OAK without connections, being stunningly beautiful and a credit card. The famous New York club stresses his exclusiveness which attracts many stars and rich people. If you made it to the guest list, the club is almost cheap. With 10-15 Dollars entrance fee and drinks from 50 Dollars up, 1 OAK is on the more inextensible side of luxury.


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Marquee, Las Vegas

The Marquee Club in Las Vegas offers you another possibility to spend all your money. It has a roof top bar and is a very popular party destination in the desert city. Moreover, Marquee is not only a night club, but also offers its guest to spend their day there.

Despite all the luxury we may not forget the most important thing: To party and enjoy ourselves. And we have no doubt that the guests of these exclusive nightclubs are pretty good at both of it.


This article is partially based on  virtualnights.

Image Source: YouTube/ A3DJ