Speed down the slope with thousand dollar ski? These are the most expensive skis in the world!

The great winter weather attracts all skiers on the slopes at the moment. But who is the fastest in winter wonderland? Catawiki, an online auction platform for the purchase and sale of special items and collectibles, presents the most expensive ski in the world. From the manufacturer to the freezer ski – with the most expensive ski in the world, everything is special!

3rd place

With the Diamondback and Envy models, available from €10,000, Carradan has won the bronze medal. Carradan Skis presents with its models the FLEX:2 system, which absorbs impacts, the CRYO:2 system, that strenghtens the skis, and the Carradan Coriolis Core, which reduces warping.

source image: Unsplash/ Willem de Meyer

2nd place

The second place is also occupied by Carrandan Ski. For 16,000 euros, the Mamba, named after the famous snake, and the Lust Edition. Equipped with the same technology as the Diamondback and Envy models, they achieve high agility when changing direction and they can handle any difficult terrain. At temperatures as low as -270°C, the edges of the skis are frozen to reinforce them!

source image: Unsplash/ Kipras Streimikis

1st place

From luggage manufacturer to ski manufacturer? Yes, that is possible. Because the luxury case manufacturer and cabinetmaker brand Pinel & Pinel from Paris was allowed to produce the most expensive skis in the world with the Lacroix ski brand. The carbon fiber skis are sold for a whopping 57,000€. After all a small equipment, consisting of a chic suitcase made of nappa leather, leather gloves, ski poles and safety glasses is included in the price.

source image: Unsplash/Mohammad Saifullah

While some are already happy that they can safely slide down the slope, others are racing down on skis worth tens of thousands of euros.


This article is based in part on CataWiki’s story of the world’s most expensive skis.

source title image: Unsplash/ Boris Misevic