Save the food: Apps for more sustainability in food consumption

Having dinner for little money while reducing food waste – sounds good to you? We present the best apps for food saving.

According to the Consumer Center Germany, more than 15 million tonnes of food are being disposed every year. A horribly high number, from which one should draw appropriate consequences. While the trend of “containering” (that is to save good food from waste containers of supermarkets) sounds rather frightful to most of us, there are now apps with which we all can take action against food waste – and we will love to!


You do not believe that? The app “Too Good To Go” campaigns against the waste of food at restaurants and bakeries. How does this work? The shops sell the unsold goods shortly before closing time to the users of the app who previously purchased a food package. In the app, you can easily see which stores in your surrounding area participate and buy a delicious meal for little money. After work, you can bounce quickly into the bakery and get a surprise bag full of fresh bread and pastries that would otherwise be thrown away – sounds quite good!


While Too Good To Go is an esteemed and often used app for Danish people, especially in Copenhagen, it now gradually establishes itself in Germany. And, of course, there are also alternative app providers such as ResQ or Mealsaver. The success of the concept sure depends on how many restaurants and bakeries are participating. One of the leading cities is Berlin.


So instead of buying frozen pizza for your next television evening, rather purchase delicious and cheap sushi via one of the mentioned apps, which you can then pick up in the evening. Sustainability has never been so delicious!

Source of images: iStock / los_angela