Mocktails – The New Food Trend 2018

The List of non-alcoholic cocktails in bars constantly gets longer. The trend to get away from cocktails to the so-called “mocktails” becomes more and more evident. Instead of sipping on your boring coke you’d rather order a super yummy mocktail. We have some truly amazing non-alcoholic alternatives for your next bar night.

Rosemary-blueberry smash

Everything you need for this mocktail are some blueberries, some rosemary, fresh lemon juice, sparkling water and honey. You smash the berries and the rosemary with the honey at the bottom of the glas and fill it up with lemon juice and water. Done.

Source: unsplash/ Wesual Click

Virgin Cucumber Gimlet

For this Cocktail you need thin-sliced cucumber, club soda, lime juice and a bit of syrup. Mix everything together and serve it with ice and a lime slice for a perfect summer drink.

Spiced Tonic

This refreshing Cocktail is based on the non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip. Top it up with tonic water and garnished it with cucumber or lemon this drink and you have a nice non-alcoholic alternative that tastes just like Gin Tonic.


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This trend also inspired the first non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip. In his famous “The Art of Distillation” John French introduced non-alcoholic spirits already in 1651 which was picked up by the Englishman Ben Branson. He started to distill Seedlip and created a perfect alternative for the alcoholic options. Here’s to no more hang-overs!

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