Living Trends 2018 – Minimalism is so out

Minimalism is so out of trend! 2018 naturally brings about new living trends. There are so many inspirations and options for your perfect home: You can choose between colorful sofas, wicker accessories and leave prints. This why we summarized the five coolest living trends for you here.

Curvy Furniture

What already convinces us on the runway, has to come into our home. The trend of curvy furniture breaks up even structures and straight lines in your home and creates a very relaxing atmosphere. Also, the curvy furniture looks really stylish!

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Natural Living

You cannot avoid the leave prints, natural fabrics and house plants this season. The green trend gives every home a fresh touch and can be used in so many different ways – learn more about that here.


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Before the living trends was “less is more”. Now the tide has turned and the new trend suggests the “more is more” approach. Maximalism shows courage and uses bright colors, heavy and extraordinary material and many layers.

Vintage Style

The vintage style has been a trend in fashion for ages – now it invades the living trends as well. You can choose between flamboyant 70s patterns, playful forms and heavy wood. The vintage style includes everything that had been trendy in the last decades. Whether you only use one item as an eye-catcher or furnish an entire room in the vintage style, that is your decision. One thing is for certain though: It is very cool.



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Wicker furniture

Wicker chair, wicker sofa, wicker table, wicker lamp. The original summer trend for outdoor furniture slowly invaded our homes and adds the certain summer feeling to every sombre room. Also, wicker furniture and accessories are a real eye catcher, which justifies to keep them in your warm living room during the winter.

Source title image: unsplash / Patrick Perkins