Welcome to the Jungle! Get the jungle trend for your home

It is proven that proximity to nature improves our wellbeing. So why should not we let nature in our home? We introduce some of our favorite items of the new urban jungle trend to you.

Hanging plant

Hanging plants of every kind are the absolute trend items at the moment. The hanging pots give every room a little bit of a jungle feeling and don’t stand in one’s way. Whether you choose a colorful or simply a green plant, your will definitely get a bit of nature into your home.

Jungle-patterned board

For those of you who do not have a green thumb can just use jungle-patterned foil. The easiest and probably most practical option to use it is to create a pin board with jungle-pattern. The most amazing thing: You can do it yourself. You just need a metal board and the jungle-patterned foil.

Jungle-patterned duvet cover

Alternatively, you can get jungle-patterned duvet covers. At the moment, you can purchase these at many interior shops like H&M Home or Westwing. With the covers, the nature feeling can also invade your bedroom.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von H&M Home (@hmhome) am

Wallpaper with jungle pattern

Everybody who is up for the extreme will love this wallpaper. Whether you pick the pink one or select some with more sober colors, the wallpaper with jungle print is definitely an eye-catcher. Even if you only apply the wallpaper to one part of your wall, you get the absolute jungle feeling.

Plant-shaped lamp

The plant-shaped lamp is a little bit more subtle than the wallpaper. Contrary to real plants, you don’t have to tend to the lamp (and it cannot die) and it shines at night. We like!

We are absolutely excited about the new living trend and the different ways how to integrate it into your home. Whether you like it more subtle, like with a jungle-patterned pillow, or extreme with the pink jungle wallpaper, the trend will definitely bring you closer to nature.



title image: YouTube/ Gemary