Juice me up: The secret behind detox juices

Detox juice treatments are more popular than ever. But this diet is not primarily intended for weight reduction. Rather it detoxifies the body, regenerates the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the metabolism sustainably. After a juice cleanse, you feel fresh and recuperated. youDRESSED informs you about what you should consider in a cleanse and what different products there are on the market.

The right preparation is important


A cleanse, which usually takes no more than three to five days, should be performed at the right time. We recommend you to choose days when your schedule is not fully packed and you don’t have to stress about work. Already two days before the actual beginning of the juice cleanse, you should begin to prepare your body for the detoxification. Now caffeine, sugar, animal products and artificial additives aren’t allowed in your diet anymore. This prevents initial headache or dizziness, which are often associated with sudden caffeine and sugar withdrawal.


During these two days of preparation, you should eat lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts or brown rice. These foods can be easily digested by your body and relieve the gastrointestinal tract. By reducing the size of your meals and enjoying every bite, the three days without solid food are much easier to handle. Hot drinks such as ginger or mint tea can support your diet.


This is how the detox juice treatment works


You are now ready for three to five days of juice cleanse. During this period, solid foods are completely replaced by fruit or vegetable juices. Depending on the recommendation or your supplier, 300 to 500 ml of fresh juices are consumed every two to three hours. That way your stomach is constantly full and you shouldn’t feel any unpleasant signs of hunger. On average, you consume 1,300 to 1,500 calories per day. If you cannot go without something to eat, you can have a handful of (fat-free) apple or vegetable chips as a snack in case of an emergency.


But how exactly does detox (which is short for “detoxification”) work? The freshly prepared juices contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which provide your body with all sufficient nutrients. Thanks to their liquid state, your organism can absorb those nutrients more easily. They enter your blood stream directly and faster compared to a solid meal. The juice cleanse strengthens the body and provides an optimal nutrition. In addition to that, cell regeneration and fat metabolism are stimulated sustainably. It is equally important to drink a lot of water or herbal teas. Depending on the supplier, the individual bottles are numbered so you know exactly when to drink which juice. On the days after the detoxification, you should also pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet, which contains lots of fruits and vegetables. In doing so, the cleanse is most effective.


Juices all over the place


There are many different vendors of detox juice treatments on the market. You can easily order the juices online where your order will be freshly prepared and delivered to you. A three-day detox set containing about 18 bottles costs between 99 and 200 €. The brands “Juice Delight”, “Yuicery”, “Kale & Me” or “The Frank Juice” are very popular. Well then, cheers!

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