Invite summer into your home – the best decoration ideas

You don’t have to go outside to enjoy our favourite season: our deco ideas guarantee a summery feeling at home.

Refreshing beverage-dispenser

A beverage dispenser doesn’t only look stylish, it’s also practical. Fill it with water or lemonade, citrus fruits and some mint leaves and have a drink prepared any time of the day.

Source: Unsplash/ Belle Hunt

Light bulbs

Leave your classic fairy lights for winter and rely on light bulbs during summertime. Hung on your balcony or over a table, they will create a festive atmosphere.

Source: Unsplash/ Manuel Will

Colorful cushions

Be boho with a colorful seating corner with pillows and blankets! Also you will never have to worry about not having enough chairs –  your visitors will be pleased to sit on the ground surrounded by your hippie-decoration.


Welcome to the jungle

It’s time to get a few more plants! It doesn’t matter whether your going for a monstera or a hanging plant, they will lift the spirit and improve the indoor climate.

Source: Unsplash/ Timothy Buck

New decoration in your apartement is always a good idea and lifts your mood. Even when summer is gone, it will still feel like it in your room!


Source of title image: Unsplash/ Maarten Deckers