How to throw the perfect summer garden party

A warm summer evening, cold drinks and good music – there’s truly nothing better than a party outside. Here’s our guide to the perfect garden party.

Decorate your location

Of course the most important thing for a party outside is the location. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a garden, on a meadow, on a rooftop or a balcony. It’s the decoration that counts! Lights, lanterns, candles and flowers provide the perfect ambience.

Source: Unsplash/ Ben Rosett

Care for drinks and food

Your table is decorated and the flowers are matching the tablecloth, the only thing missing is something to eat and drink. Go for crunchy salads, fresh fruit and snacks on a hot summer day. Guests also need to stay hydrated with a good selection of beverages, so let them mix their own cocktails or prepare a fruit punch.

Make sure there is enough for everybody so you can relax during the evening without having to run to the kitchen. In addition, why don’t you let your friends bring some snacks, too? More is more!

Source: Unsplash/ Aneta Pawlik

Let them dance!

The best way to ruin a party is by bad music. Therefore you should create at least two playlists: Soft music while your guests eat and talk and a party playlist to get them on the dance floor! A few cocktails and they will be ready to shake it.

Source: Unsplash/ Dave Lastovskiy

Think about alternatives

Everything is already prepared and all of a sudden the sky is filled with dark clouds? You should be able to move the party indoors, so plan ahead and consider how many people you can entertain in your house or apartment. Another option would be to set up some tarps or party tents. Keep your guests from freezing by providing blankets or a fire basket. In that case, don’t forget the marshmallows!

Source: Unsplash/ Mitchell Orr

We can’t wait to finally throw our own garden party! After all we’ve been gathering inspiration and recipes since the first gleam of sunshine in spring…


Titel image: Unsplash/ Vinicius Amano