How to find the best wine for your Christmas dinner

Christmas: The feast of love and contemplation – and of course the time of fine dining that we enjoy with family and friends. A good wine for the festive Christmas menu must not be missing. After all, the lovingly prepared dinner should be perfect. But which wine is suitable for which menu? Find out here how you get the perfect wine for Christmas 2017. 

Right before Christmas the same important questions comes up every year: What will we eat on Christmas? And what to drink?


Depending on the Christmas menu, the wine selection varies. The classic Christmas menues include goose, duck and turkey. All three types of meat are fatty, so a stronger red wine with a structure that can keep up with the meat is recommended here. Another classic Christmas dish is Fish, for example salmon. In this case, a fine white wine would be tho bottle of choice.


But everyone knows the problem to stand in front of the wine racks and to despair because you just can’t decide. The choice between the different red or white wine varieties is immense and the probability of a mistake high.


A first important tip: Choose the wine carefully and unhurriedly. Take your time – even in the hectic pre-Christmas season. Helpful for the perfect selection can be the Amazon wine consultant. Here you can research quickly and easily on the basis of four important criteria: the price, the dish, the occasion and the taste or the flavors. Then you will be offered selected wines for which you can read the customer reviews and detailed product descriptions as usual.


Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Source of images: Liliboas-kl/iStock