Elegant and comfortable: Perfect Alternatives for High Heels

Elegant shoes round out every Outfit. Yet, most often high heeled shoes become a nasty enemy in everyday life. Thankfully there are several alternatives which are just as elegant and way more comfortable.

Classic Flats

Classic flats go with every outfit and give your style the certain something. And it is definitely worth it to invest in a good pair of flat, since they can be a life-long companion.


Loafers are the new trend shoe. They always look fashionable, whether you combine them with a dress or a suit.

Ankle Boots

When the days are not as mild, you probably want to opt for a pair of ankle boots. Despite keeping your feet warm and cozy, they also add the certain elegance to your outfit.


In case you still want to wear a bit of a heel, sling-backs offer the perfect balance between elegance and comfort. The strap at the heel gives you more hold and make the shoes comfortable despite the heel.


If you like it fancy, slides are the perfect choice for you. Choose either some with an extravagant embroidery or special details like a sparkling material.

There are so many elegant and comfortable shoes to choose from. It is almost impossible to make a decision!

Source cover picture: iStock / michellegibson