Clean eating despite 40-hour-week: That’s how it works!

Clean eating has long since arrived in Germany. However, the trend from the USA is not always easy to implement in everyday life, especially when working in an office. While trying to stay on top of emails, clients, meetings and deadlines, we tend to forget the importance of a healthy diet. Still, eating clean during work is possible. youDRESSED provides three useful tips how to tackle it.

First things first: Let’s talk breakfast!

A good day starts with a breakfast that makes you feel full and fires up your metabolism. Serious breakfast fans know the power of a good bowl of muesli or cereal. Have it with natural yoghurt, almond or soy milk, but be careful! Most muesli sold at supermarkets can contain a shocking amount of sugar. Instead, you should rather make a tasty cereal mix yourself. It’s really easy.


Get some grains like oats, barley, rye or spelt and mix them up with some unprocessed nuts for that extra crunchiness. To sweeten things up, throw in some sun-dried fruits like cherries, cranberries, mangos or bananas. The best thing about it: Stored in an air-tight box or jar, it’ll stay fresh for several weeks, saving you precious time in the morning.

Source: YouTube / Mrs Flury

Have more, smaller meals

You’ve arrived at the office and had a great start into your workday. While trying to manage emails, meetings and to do lists, there is not much time for a meal, right? That’s where a basic principle of clean eating comes in: Eat less, but more often. Even in short 5-minute-breaks, you can grab a healthy snack that will energize you for your next task, while avoiding that sluggish feeling after a big meal.


Unprocessed nuts and fresh fruit make for a great snack. Rice waffles or veggie sticks are no worse either. Our favorite, however, is the smoothie. It’s easy to mix yourself and you are the one who decides what’s going in and what stays out.


Insider tip: Some supermarkets sell frozen smoothies, so overnight you can just defrost the amount you need and enjoy it the next morning. This is also way cheaper compared to all these overpriced smoothie bottles you see in the shelves.

Source: YouTube / TheBeauty2Go

Have a proper lunch!

If you have followed the second tip, you probably won’t need a big lunch that will drag your metabolism down. When preparing your meal, try to combine long chain carbohydrates with high-quality proteins. Great sources of protein are venison or at least pasture-fed meat as well as wild fish. Carbohydrates are best extracted from unrefined grains as found in brown, unpolished rice or whole wheat pasta.


When being at the company canteen or in a restaurant, eating clean is still possible. Even fast food chains offer a colorful salad nowadays, yet, you most probably should skip the dressing, unless it is freshly made ans “clean”. Again, fish ore venison is a good choice, accompanied by a whole wheat bread or rice.

Source: YouTube / BodyKiss

Clean eating is here to stay. Companies are thinking over their menues in canteens, and restaurants try to create new and tasty alternatives to processed food. These three tips show that eating clean while at work is not an insurmountable obstacle. You can do it!

Source of cover image: iStock / a-namenko