Aston Martin starts the convertible season

Just in time for spring the British car manufacturer launches the Aston Marton DB11 Volante. We introduce the dashing sport convertible to you.

The Aston Martin DB11 Volante offers every convertible enthusiast an exiting driving experience. The 4.0 litter V8 motor with 510 HP produced by Mercedes gives the DB11 a lot of power. It speeds up to 70 miles/h in 4,1 minutes and thus leaves most of the other cars behind. With its 4,75 meters length and 1,3 height the sports car is as dashing as its predecessors.


Additionally, the British manufacturer focusses on comfort: Next to the heated steering wheel there is a driving assistant with blinds-angle-alert, auto parking and 360-degree-view.


Of course the British royalty has its price: You can get the DB11 Volante from 199.000 € on. The price for the new car by Aston Martin reminds one of the prices for their old-timers. The prices for Aston Martin vintage car start at 200.000 € and can reach limitless dimensions. Yet for old-timer enthusiasts the vintage cars are worth these prices. Whether you prefer a new convertible or dream about a vintage car, in the end the driving experience is all that matters.

This article is based on an article by GQ Deutschland

source title image: YouTube/ The Drive

image gallery: Youtube/ Fifth Gear

YouTube/ Aston Martin