A new experience by Hublot: The Digital Boutique

The luxus label for watches Hublot presents their new concept of online shopping: the Digital Boutique is offering personalized customer service from New York’s fifth avenue directly to your home!

The Fusion of the real and the digital

The purchase of a high-quality watch is an emotional process and the relationship between customer and sales advisor is based on availability, flexibility and trust. That is why the brand is offering a virtual experience without the lack of service and human connection.

Source: Hublot

The sales ceremony

Through an advanced technological solution the customer is able to contact the sales advisor without havind to visit the boutique. He will be provided with all the information and details about the product and be individually advised.

It all begins with the Hublot Website, on which every customer can ask to be connected with the Digital Boutique. Via FaceTime or Skype the desired product will be presented live. In the following, the client can take all the time he needs to decide about he purchase and  confirm with a simple click. To finalize the purchase, the Boutique will contact the client again.

Source: Hublot

Hublot is widening the field of E-Commerce and adds personal contact and service. “Our availability and our willingness to be there for our customers is a way of showing them that we care about them as  individuals. The relationship of trust that we have developed with them can now start, in a virtual manner, and continue in a real manner, without any constraint on time or place” says Ricoardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot. The project is beginning in the United States before being rolled out across the world.


This article is based on a press release of Hublot
Source of title image: Hublot