5 Tips to eat healthy on a budget

You’re currently living on a tight budget but still want to make nutritious choices? We show you how to do so.

1. Buy seasonally

Fresh fruit and vegetables not only taste better, but are also cheaper when they’re bought in season. Keep an eye out for whats plentiful in your supermarket, like tomatoes on summer or pumpkin in fall. You might also find rather cheap vegetables and fruit at your local farmers market. The best thing you can do is visit a strawberry field: You’re allowed to snack on some berries while you pick them yourself.

Source: Unsplash / Martha Dominguez

2. Use your freezer

You bought too much and have plenty of leftovers? Don’t worry, you can easily freeze almost everything. That means less waste and ensures you’ve got healthy food on hand anytime. In addition, buy frozen fruit and veggies that often are a lot more nutritious than fresh ones.

3. Buy family packs

Grains, nuts and seeds are cheaper when bought in big packs and last a long time when properly stored. Just fill them in jars and place them as an eye catcher on your kitchen shelf! They are also a good base for a healthy muesli in the morning.

Source: Unsplash / Denise Johnson

4. Look out for special offers

The best-before date doesn’t neccessarily mean that the food is not safe to eat afterwards. A lot of supermarkets offer a cheaper price before it expires. That also includes prepared food they can’t sell the next day. Tastes even better when bought for half the price!

5. Bring your own food

To make a nutritious choice on your lunch break is hard when faced with the prices of a salad or bowl? Instead of buying fast food or baked goods, prepare your own food the day before. That’s also the easiest way to make sure of the right ingredients in your meal.

Source: IStock / a-namenko

Healthy and fresh food is good for you, tastes better and is possible with our tips. A great side effect: Your new healthy lifestyle will help you getting rid of those extra pounds!

Source titel image: Unsplash/ Brooke Cagle
This article partially is based on Real Simple