5 Office looks for the summer

If the temperatures slowly creep up to 30 degrees, the outfit options for the office get rarer. You can’t wear too short bottoms and it still has to look chic, yet you also don’t want to meld away in the office. The balance between stylish and light clothing is not as easy as thought. We have some amazing summer office looks for you.

For your summer style, you want to opt for light materials, and want to avoid denim and other heavy fabrics. As unpopular as those materials are dark colors like black. In summer, lighter and colorful shades are much more favored, as you can see in our summer style favorites.


When it is hot, light colors are a must have. This is why one of our favorite styles is the all-in-white look. Whether you take a shirt dress, shorts and a blouse, or white trousers and a shirt, you will always look chic and can decide how much skin you want to show.

Linen Dress

This summer, linen is everybody’s favorite. It comes in natural colors or in bright red and orange shades, and you can get everything from trousers to dresses. Especially dresses are popular this year. Most of them are embellished with wooden buttons, which gives the dresses an elegant, but playful touch.


If you don’t want to wear dresses or skirts, can opt for culottes. The wide-cut culottes in ¾-length come in every color and pattern, so you can find the perfect one for your wardrobe.

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The flower dress has always been an all-time favorite for the summer. They come in every length and color and become the eyecatcher in your office. Especially colorful versions are perfect for the sunny season and make you shine brighter than the sun.


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Maxi dresses are often too long and warm for the office. This is why we love midi skirts! Whether you choose a loose-cut version or a pencil skirt, you can always combine them with elegant tops to achieve the certain office look.

With so many options at hand, we don’t know what to wear first. What we do know, is that our office looks are definitely stylish in the hot weather.